Hello friends and family of Blaise. He sent this song to me Tuesday 7/30/2019. I’m sure he would be very happy if he knew that we are all praying for his speedy and full recovery AND enjoying his music.

Get Better by Blaise Sherman

How can you say things are going to get better everyday?
There’s a dark cloud hanging over me everyday.
No matter how bad I get, I got G-d with me everyday.


Get Better by Blaise Sherman

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Friends and family: Please join us in emotionally (and financially, if possible) supporting our dear friend Blaise Sherman’s recovery. Let’s reach out to him and help him keep his indomitable spirits as high as possible. Cory Martin set up this fundraising link for Blaise. If you can, please donate. Either way, please keep Blaise in your thoughts and prayers, and call or visit him!

Thank you.

l to r (Steve (r.i.p.) guitar, John N. bass, Billy P. Drums, Blaise vocals – Blaise Sherman Fury live at The Gold Dollar 2001?
Troy G. guitar on the far right.

A Girl Like You (I can’t believe I found), Blaise Sherman
Old Man, Blaise Sherman

Red Hot Oven from Wÿtchÿker’s Aaspelünker by Sherman, Oakes, Peterson and Darsky.

Instrumental 3 by Sherman, Martin