Get on Google’s Front Page!

How can I Get on Google’s Front Page? It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Somebody has to occupy the top spots, why not you? Have your competitors been around longer than you? Are they more well known than you, bigger than you, richer than you? 


You just need some really good SEO, or at least better SEO than your competitors in your area. Do they have a blog? No? Then you should blog! Do they have social media linking to their site? Do they have a good Website name? Good Page Names? Good Image names? Good alt tags? Good links to their site? If they are coming up high on searches, then the answer to all of these is probably yes. You need to do these things too, and more…

There are only 10 organic (non paid) spots on a search return page.  Many searchers only look at the front page. So, how can you get on the front page? Good SEO gets you good search positioning. Do what is good for your customer, have good content, and Google will reward you.

What is Good content? Good content is ORIGINAL writing, high resolution photos, art, pdf files, video, and more…

Good content supports your position to sell your goods and/or services, and tells your story to your audience. And, good content is good for your audience, and Google rewards you for this and ranks you higher than mediocre content. Think about it this way…How do uyou want to be found? What is your target customer searching for? How can you answer what he/she is searching for?

RotterVision adheres to tried and true SEO best practices. Google does publish guidelines on what to do and what not to do to be considered for top search engine positioning. These guidelines are constantly evolving. Here is one rule of thumb to follow… there are NO GUARANTEES! Nobody can guarantee you that you will appear in the top ten. If someone does, make sure to get it in writing. (And let me know who they are, I’d like to learn from them!) Many reputable SEO experts will either provide an analysis, a plan, or at the very least they will promise you that “they will do everything that they can to get you as high up in the search returns  as they can in search returns.”

Are there other search engines? Yes, but Google has 90% market share. Google is so ubiquitous it has assumed verb form…I Googled it.