Search Engine Optimization, SEO what?

Pictured: Comic Con draws huge crowds. Even they do web design and SEO at a local level.

You have a website, great! A website is just words and pictures on pages, that’s all, right? Wrong. A good website has more than meets the eye. Besides putting words and pictures on pages, and making them look good, you need to make sure that people can FIND your site. How will people find your website? This isn’t Field of Dreams. ‘If you build it, they will come’ does not compute. On the contrary, this is the internet, 4.5 billion web pages, and growing, fast. All those pages are competing for page views. You need to have good Search Engine Optimization.

SEO exists “under the hood.”

You can’t see it. It’s a bunch of things that work in conjunction with your web pages. SEO consists of many things such as: page titles, image names, link names, keywords, image alt tags, meta tags, heading tags, and a bunch more tech-ey stuff. Good Content (words and pictures) and good SEO, when combined, may yield better positioning on search return pages, and more traffic.

How can my web pages come up as high as possible on search return pages?

Good content plus SEO is the answer. A reputable Web Designer will use tried and true methods to get your site seen. We all do searches all of the time. How deep do you go? Most people never go past the first page. (I do, but I am constantly trying to help people get from back pages to Page 1 (that’s what I do.) Coming up in the Top Ten on a search return usually gets you on Page 1. You want to do everything you can possibly do to get on Page 1 for your targeted keyword phrases. You want to dominate in your field, and in your community. Websites compete with each other for dominance in search returns. Don’t bring a lemon to a knife fight.

Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On page two of a search return.

Don’t be afraid to search for yourself. How do others see you? Do you like what you see? Allow me, or another respected Website Designer, to help you be seen.