The purpose of a Blog, or Why Blog?

The facade of the old Adams Theatre, designed by famed architect C. Howard Crane, on Adams Street in Grand Circus Park, Detroit, is preserved.

Pictured: The facade of the old Adams Theatre, designed by famed architect C. Howard Crane, on Adams Street in Grand Circus Park, Detroit, is preserved.

What is a Blog? What is the purpose of a blog? How does a Blog work? Why  Blog? Who Blogs? Who reads Blogs?

Blogging is creating a platform where you can tell your story, grow an audience, sell products and services. I’m Dave Rotter, of RotterVision. I blog. I can show you how.

What is a Blog?
A ‘Blog’ is a collection of ‘Blog Posts’ that a “Blog Author’ posts online. A ‘Blog Post’ is simply a web page with words and pictures, that a ‘Blog Author’ has posted online.

What is the purpose of a blog?
The Purposes of Blogs vary.  The purpose of this Blog is for me to tell my story, ask people to subscribe to my blog (build an audience), and sell my web design/development services. I strive to provide useful information to my audience. If you want some advice on how to start blogging, email me at  

Here’s one purpose of a Blog in action: Let’s say ‘Jack’ owns a Heating and Cooling Company that sells and services Furnaces and Air Conditioning Units in Metro Detroit (stay with me here.) Jack could provide visitors to his site fresh and informative answers to a question they may have.  ‘Jane’, a homeowner in Metro Detroit has an Air Conditioning Unit that has conked out on her on a very hot August day. She goes outside and looks at the failed Air Conditioning Unit and sees that there is ice on the pipe that leads from her house to the Air Conditioning Unit. She pulls out her phone and searches, “Why is there ice on my Air Conditioning Unit outside?” Jack has recently posted a Blog Post that answers this very question. Jack’s Blog Post may come up high on the search return page. Jane clicks, and reads Jacks blog. Jane then calls Jack and hires him to service her Air Conditioning Unit.


Jack Blogs ‘to provide quality content to visitors to his website’, AND, in turn, to sell and service Air Conditioning Units. Search engines may reward Jack for having dynamic, quality, ‘destination’ content. Search Engines may put Jack’s website above his competitors that do not Blog, in the user’s search returns.

How does a Blog work?
Blogging is easy. It’s very similar to making a post on a social media site like FaceBook. Once your Blog is set up, you simply type a paragraph on your phone, tablet or computer, and upload a picture. Setting up a Blog isn’t that hard either. You only need to set it up once. You could either pay somebody like me to do it, OR you could learn how to use a ‘Content Management System.’ I like WordPress, other Content Management Systems are available. One of the best things about WordPress, besides being free, is that it is truly a community.

You could find a “Meetup” in your area and meet up with other WordPress enthusiasts and professionals in real life. For the price of an Espresso Macchiato you might find a tutor, and a friend! I’m a proud member of the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup Group. Maybe see you at a meetup?

Why  Blog?
Because…Why Not!?! You have a story to tell and/or products/services to sell? Right?

Who Blogs?
Anybody that has a story to tell and/or products/services to sell.

Who reads Blogs?
Who doesn’t? No really, everybody reads blog posts, whether they know it or not. Blog posts are literally everywhere online.

~ So, why did I include a picture of a building facade with this blog post… why not?

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